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Welcome to Caviar Emporium! Established in 2001, we’re a family-owned and -operated company run by a father-son team offering an exquisite selection of farm-raised, wild, American, and imported caviars from around the world. 

We’re located in beautiful Hunterdon County, New Jersey near the Delaware River. A bit about the history of caviar: this happens to be the geographical location where the caviar industry in America began about 100 years ago. Read more to learn about our family-owned business!

Highest Quality Delicacies

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How did our story begin? We began supplying caviar right after the millennium when we realized the need for a new breed of caviar supplier to emerge!

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the caviar industry has changed dramatically. Almost all premium sturgeon caviar is now farm-raised. But previously, the industry suffered due to political issues in Russia and Iran, leading to the creation of a caviar black market. 

In the black market, no one monitors quality. No one is regulating methods to cure the caviar or maintain temperature standards. And no one monitors sanitation methods used in processing.

We consider ourselves to be a cutting-edge caviar supplier, purchasing only from credible sources with a meticulous dedication to quality. We work closely with producers to ensure wild-caught sturgeon are responsibly sourced. Our farm-raised sturgeon live in temperature- and quality-controlled environments and are fed high-quality diets to give you nothing less than the highest quality delicacies possible.

A Business Who Cares: Ethical and Sustainable Caviar

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Today, some of the brightest groups of scientists, entrepreneurs, and veterinary doctors are behind the farm-raised caviar industry. Premium sturgeon are strictly monitored by vets in their controlled environments, growing to be up to 500 kilos in size! Gone is the reliance on the black market and its detrimental ecological impact. Instead, customers like you can turn to trusted businesses with a commitment to transparency and traceability, like Caviar Emporium.

We’re proud to be your go-to destination online for ethically-sourced caviar! We purchase sustainable caviar directly from reputable producers, so you can always trace your caviar right back to the source – and feel confident knowing endangered species are left unharmed.

Fresh-Packed to Order

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We’re passionate about our products and our customers here at Caviar Emporium, which is why we offer our Just Before Shipping Program. Rather than pre-packaging large shipments of caviar into smaller tins upon arrival, we leave them in their original containers and package them fresh as we get orders. Why is this better than the standard packaging and shipping process? It guarantees freshness! 

Pre-packaging exposes caviar to air, causing it to immediately deteriorate before it even arrives at your doorstep. Freshly packing to order helps us guarantee exceptional, impeccably fresh caviar with each and every order. Savor the difference!

Explore our exclusive collection today to elevate your next gathering or treat yourself to the taste of luxury!